Projects and Funding

Raymer Research Grant Fund

The Society has set up a Research Grant Fund, the purpose of which is in general to further the Society’s charitable aims, and specifically to support research into the archaeology, history and architectural history of the modern and historic county of Worcestershire. The fund has been named the Raymer Research Fund in honour of the Society’s former Treasurer, Garth Raymer, who was instrumental in setting it up, and who sadly died in 2018.  The intention is to generate and support research which may be published in the Society’s biennial Transactions, to demonstrate the Society’s support for work where other funding is being sought, and to support and encourage younger researchers.
Please find the full application form  but some details are listed below.

Funding Form


1 Applications will be considered from individuals, groups or societies intending to carry out a research project concerned with the archaeology or history of the whole or part of the modern or historic county of Worcestershire (advice on eligible areas can be obtained from the Secretary – see below). There is no age limit for individual applicants. Applications from archaeological units or commercial organisations will not be accepted.

2 Applications to support ongoing long-term research programmes will not normally be considered, unless the grant committee is satisfied that what is proposed constitutes a discrete stage or project within such a programme, likely to result in a separate publication.

3 Applicants will be asked whether they have sought, are seeking, or intend to seek support for the project from other sources. The Society is happy to consider part-funding a project, provided that the application meets the intention of the Fund and satisfies any other relevant criteria, including agreement that a report will be offered for publication in the Society’s Transactions.


4 Grants will not normally exceed £500. They may be used to cover expenses such as, but not necessarily limited to: travel to obtain or view resources or museum collections; the cost of specialist work or reports (for example dendrochronology or pottery reports); equipment hire or materials. They may not be used to cover capital equipment, or wages or overheads, or subsistence or accommodation expenses, nor to cover retrospectively costs already incurred. Payment will normally be made in two stages, at the beginning and on completion of the work.

5 Conditions may be attached to grant offers. The expected duration of the project concerned will be specified at the outset, and a brief annual report sought from the grantee. Projects for which grants have been awarded should normally be completed within three years of the award, unless an application for an extension of time has been approved. On the conclusion of the project, and before the second instalment of the grant is paid, a final report will be required, together with receipts or proof of purchase for all expenditure. It will be a condition of the grant that a report on the results of the research will be offered for consideration for publication in the Society’s Transactions. The article or report must be submitted to the Editor of the Transactions within 12 months of the completion of the project. If, however, the research forms part of a wider programme, for which another form of publication is preferable, this condition may be waived. In whatever form the report is published it is a condition of an award that the assistance of the Research Fund is acknowledged on the title page of the article or report.

Application and Evaluation

6 Applications will be invited twice a year, to be submitted by I February or 1 October, and must be submitted on the form specified. Forms are available from the Secretary, or may be downloaded from the Society’s website.

7 The names and contact details of two referees will be required. It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for two references to be supplied by the referees direct to the Secretary before the closing date for applications.

8 Applications will be considered by the Committee of the Society, acting as a grant committee, and results will be published in April and November each year. Further information may be sought from applicants or referees to aid the committee in its decision. The Society reserves the right to make no grant if there are no applications considered to merit it, having regard to the intention of the Fund and the criteria outlined above.