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Worcestershire Archaeological Society was set up in 1854 to promote and protect the archaeology and history of the county of Worcestershire. We’re open to everyone with an interest in the archaeology, buildings, and history of the county – whatever your age and experience, you can get involved.

We’ll help you dig into archaeology in a way that suits you, from talks and trips to survey and excavation. Our regular publications, the Transactions and the Recorder, contain the latest news and research from the county, and our large collection of books, journals, artworks and artefacts is available to the public through library and museum partnerships.

Whether you’re an interested individual or a family of history fanatics, there’s something for you. We have projects for all ages.

Be part of a community that understands your passion. In fact, you don’t even need to be a member to join in with our activities, so why not give it a try?

The development of this website was funded by a generous donation from the Kay Trust Fund in memory of Kathy and Margaret Kay.

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Our Aims

The aims of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society are to:


Promote research of archaeology and history of the historic county of Worcestershire with engaging exhibitions, seminars, lectures and classes


Work for the understanding and care of all kinds of antiquities through excursions and archaeological research


Publish its work and exchange information with similar bodies

We want to inspire everyone to explore the archaeology and history that is all around them

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