Privacy policy

Worcestershire Archaeological Society

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) applies to all organisations (of whatever size, type and location) which store data on individuals. 

In pursuing its objectives, the Society does need to hold a minimum amount of information about its members to be able to communicate with them. We store all or some of the following information about members: 

In storing this information, the Society follows these principles: 

  1. The Society understands and takes seriously its obligations with respect to holding data about its members;
  2. The Society will only hold such data about its members as is necessary for the purpose of furthering its objectives;
  3. It is a condition of membership of the Society that members allow the Society to hold such data, since without it communication is not possible;
  4. Any data held by the Society about a member will not be communicated to any third party without the specific consent of that member;
  5. The Society will take all necessary precautions to ensure the privacy of members’ data;
  6. A member may at any time request a copy of the data held about them by the Society, and may request that corrections or amendments be made to it; the Society will act promptly upon such requests;
  7. If an individual ceases to be a member of the Society, data held about them will be deleted from the Society’s records, except for a simplified list of names and locations (e.g. ‘James Smith, Bromsgrove’), subject only to any lawful requirement to retain data for a particular purpose for a limited period.  Former members may request that they be deleted from the simplified list.
  8. It will not seek or store any other data without the prior approval of a General Meeting.