Current Lecture Series


Lectures are currently being delivered via Zoom video conferencing software.  Members receive an invitation via their email address.  Meetings at St Peter’s Baptist Church, Eden Close, St Peter’s Drive, Worcester WR5 3TZ will be resumed when it is possible to do so. 

Mon 19 October: The Material Culture of English Medieval Rural Households
(Ben Jervis, University of Cardiff)

Mon 9 November:  The (possible) Celtic origins of St Helen’s, Worcester
(Heather Rendall)

Mon 30 November: The Guild Buildings of the Holy Cross, Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon
(Kate Giles, University of York)

Mon 18 January: Farmsteads and buildings: recording and researching the past for the future
(Alan Wadsworth, Worcs Farmsteads Project)

Mon 8 February:  Money for the legions? Coin finds and military activity in early Roman Worcestershire
(Murray Andrews, University of Worcester)

Mon 8 March:  Annual General Meeting (followed by a talk by Sheena Payne-Lunn on the Worcester Life Stories Project)

Mon 29 March: The Early Kings of Mercia and the Staffordshire Hoard
(Barbara Yorke)

Mon 19 April: A Glove Affair: Worcester’s Hand in the Global Gloving Industry (David Nash)

Mon 10 May:  Medieval Church Chests in Herefordshire and Worcestershire (Rachel Sycamore)