Library and Publications

We have gathered together all our archive materials in their relevant sections. If you require any more information please email

The Recorder Issues are now all in PDF form and published here.

There is also a PDF of our Library Catalogue  WAS Library May 2018. Please use Ctrl + F to bring up the search function to be able to search by keywords.

The Library

The Society’s Library, much of which has been stored until recently at the University of Worcester campus, since the University’s library moved to the Hive, the combined City/University Library in Worcester, is being finally reunited in the Hive.  The move is taking place this month, and will be completed by 1 April 2017.
Access will continue to be via our Honorary Librarian, Roger Fairman, and his staff (email:, or telephone: 01905 542093 or 01905 855350.

Once you have identified what you want, a message to Roger will result in the relevant item being made available to you at an agreed time, to be consulted at the Hive.  A brief guide to the Library, with information about what it contains, and how to access it, is in preparation, and will be downloadable from this website.

For more information, including the library catalogue, please see the University library website:, or

WAS  List of Journals

The Transactions

The Transactions of Worcestershire Archaeological Society is the archaeological ‘journal of record’ for Worcestershire. The Society has published numerous reports on archaeological fieldwork, and on the study of historic buildings, that are of permanent value for researching the county’s history.

The Transactions are not currently available online, but  a subject index covering from 1854 to 2016 is available here WAS Transactions 1854 – 2016.

Some back copies are available and can be purchased here on backsalesfinal

Copies are to be found in the County Record Office, the History Centre, and the WAS Library in the University of Worcester’s Peirson Library at Henwick campus.

Evesham branch of Worcestershire County Libraries has all volumes of Transactions from 1923 to 2004 available for reference , and they may also be available at other branches.

We have plans to digitise all the Transactions and Annual Reports to make them available on line, but that will take time.